No paid content in extension - where is the line?


I have a question about “4.4 Extensions may not display any advertising or sponsorship content (static or dynamic).”

I had an idea for a paid content extension (not plain commercial/banner etc., but still paid by a brand) but discarded the idea because of the rule above.

Now I see overlay extensions with clearly paid content (streamer is partner of brand and gets paid by it). It shows a poll like “What do you like most about our game” wit brand image.

I tried to report it, but there is no “contains paid content” or “commercial” option.

So, is this allowed and i can create an extension with similar paid content, or is the report function missing something?

Thanks in advance

You sure it was an extension showing the branded part and not an overlay?
And the extension just has the poll so it’s a polling extension.

Said extension might also have special dispensation or is on behalf of Twitch and thus has permission to break that rule?

Without citing the example I can only speculate.

But under normal circumstances what you propose would likely not pass review.

Yes, it popped out and has an clickable image on the overlay. I also have the name of the extension and a screenshot, but i don’t want to name shame here in public. And maybe I was interpreting the rules wrong.

Does this mean a paid poll would be alright, if no brand is shown. E.g. a paid poll with question “What’s your favourite pizza” without showing a brand in the extension itself?

Here is the screenshot of said extension. So it would be ok if the brand logo on top wouldnt be shown? Or is this already perfectly fine?

In my opinion, as I am not review team just another third party extension: I don’t see anything wrong/volatey about the extension.

The streamer is playing v rising, and a poll was asked about what people think about v rising, so the poll included the logo for the game.

Contextually this is just a poll about the game being played with the addition of the games logo in the poll header.

Thanks you! That point of view helped me!