Non Browser based Authentication

I’m having a hard time finding documentation on authentication strategies that don’t require a browser being opened with a redirect uri. That strategy works fine when I’m working with a server and javascript, but when I attempt to get a chat stream in Unity3D with C# I’m not sure where to start. Is there any support for this or any intended support in the near future?

I’m primarily a 3D game developer and I was hoping to allow people in chat to send commands directly to a game controller type class.

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A browser is required for the user to login and authorize the connection. This cannot be avoided, but it doesn’t have to be done in-game. A separate small program could handle it and save it in the game’s settings.

I’m not sure what exactly you want to do, but if you only need to receive chat messages, then you can just login with the name justinfan[somenumber] without a password.

Alright, good to know. I think I was having a hard time finding the tmi.js documentation and github. I was looking through a lot of the other developer sections, and now that I found that, I’ve setup a small node program to handle all the API calls and pass info back to my game once I’m setup with a token. I wanted to post a link in case anyone else comes across this in the future in a similar situation.

This is what you want for integrating with a node program.

Thanks for the tip

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