Notify when channel goes online

Hi, I would like to know if it’s posible to be notified when a channel goes live ?

I kind of achieved this by requesting streams endpoint every 5 minutes but I don’t like all those unnecessary requests because the channel can be offline for hours.

If only there were a way to catch an event when the channel goes online/offline

I’m programming in Node.js btw :]

Thanks for your time

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I poll the stream end point once per minute myself.

Or for a group of channels to check at the same time, the following endpoint of a given user. As it will return the online streams for that user in one request.

An alternative is to auto read your own email.

For online partnered streamers you could listen for the “x number of people subbed whilst away” message

Thanks for your reply,

So there is no way to avoid requesting every ‘x’ amount of minutes in order to know if the channel is online of offline ?

I was testing if there were a notification via chat when the channels go live but nope

Nope you have to keep polling the API

I see … Thanks for your help bro

just in case you dont know - you can use a single request with list of channels:,monstercat,chan3
which will return info for only online channels

Hey @splinny,

yeah I knew that but thanks anyways

I’m asking this just because I hate wasting resources, my program runs in a virtual machine with 1GB ram D:
every byte is useful hehehehe

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