Oauth2 | Chat_login | limit increase question

Hi Friends

Just had a question regarding the twitch Oauth2.
I know you need the limit increase to use the chat_ login scope.
My question is this scope only for partnered.

The channel I have request this for is not yet live.

Example of what I want to achieve.


I have to followed the below etc and have request access. https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/authentication/

Just wasn’t sure as the documentation doesnt state anything regarding this.

Apologies if this has been asked on other threads.


chat_login was replaced by these 5 scopes. You need to use those instead.

Chat and PubSub

Scope Name Type of Access
channel:moderate Perform moderation actions in a channel.
chat:edit Send live stream chat and rooms messages.
chat:read View live stream chat and rooms messages.
whispers:read View your whisper messages.
whispers:edit Send whisper messages.

Ref: https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/authentication/#scopes


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