Old movies and Anime on stream

Hellow guys. I have a quick question. Can i watch on my livestream movies and anime from 2000’s without problems from twitch? Thanks for answer.

No, that would be copyright infringement and is illegal. Doing so would lead to your account being suspended.

So why other streamers are watching for example Johny Bravo, Pokemon, Ed Edd Eddy and still have account?

Because reporting a channel, and DMCA takedown requests, are not instant things and it has to be processed. There have been many channels that have been suspended for doing what you’re suggesting, and Twitch continues to remove such channels as it is a direct violation of the Terms of Service, as well as copyright law.

As it’s also a legal matter, you could also be at risk for legal action against you depending on your local laws.

Ok i understood everything. Thank you for answer.