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hello, im trying to use the twitcb api to open a stream for a user who connects via my app, i’ve successfully retrived the rtmp key using my ssl server, now i want to send the title for said stream , where do i send it? im guessing it goes in the next request:${broadcaster_id} but i cant find where to add title

Channel Titles are set via the “Modify Channel API”

so the only way to set a stream title , is to first open the stream using the rtmp link and only then send a request to set the title


You can set the stream title whenever you want.
A channel always has a title.
To set the title you do not need to go live/start sending video first.

im sorry but im not following,
how do i set the stream title ?
i can get the rtmp link but in which point i set the stream title?

You can set the stream title whenever you want

This is not like youtube where you have to schedule a stream

Twitch you can set the title whenever you want.
You could set the title now, and not start streaming for a week

Titles are not “directly linked to a stream”

use the modify channel endpoint

ok, so just to make sure im following,
if i want to set a title to a stream which ill open using the rtmp link,
i cant do it in the rtmp request, ill have to send another request where i set the stream title only?


A title belongs to a channel not a stream. So it’s done via the dashboard or the API, generally the user will do this before you start the steam, as they will also set the category and other stream meta data such as tags and language.

The RTMP URL is just for sending video to, to be broadcast.

ohhhh cool, so if i set once the title of my stream it will be the same untill i change it?


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ok thank you!

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