PHP: Variables With Periods Don't Work ? ( e.g. $_POST['hub.challenge'] )

I’m trying to set up a webhook flow to subscribe to Stream Up/Down notifications, but on my handler page I can’t return the challenge because I can’t get the challenge from the post because $_POST[‘hub.challenge’] is blank. It has to be the period because if I send a post request from a page on my site with a “hub.challenge” variable I can’t grab it, but if I just send the variable as “challenge” I can get the response to work fine.

I’m not super experienced with PHP so am I just doing something obvious wrong?

Thanks for your help.

Replace the period with an underscore. Ex: $_GET['hub_challenge']

Thanks. That solves that problem, but now I see there’s definitely something wrong with my subscription request code. Mind taking a look at my question here? Thanks again!

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