Please explain the correct understanding of limitations for bots

I’ll take the limitations for “known bot” for example.
“There are limits of the number of commands or messages you are allowed to send to the server.
50 per 30 seconds Known bots”
“For Whispers (private chat message between two users):
10 per second, up to 200 per minute
500 accounts per day
1000 recipients per day Known bots (the recipes limit applies to known bots sharing an IP address.)”
I can’t understand three things.:

  1. What actions are subject to the first limitation? Send a whisper (priv_msg) is a command too. But they can clearly be sent more than 50 in 30 seconds times. Which commands and messages are subject to the first limitation?
  2. What is the difference between accounts and recipients?
  3. What do the words “per day” mean? Do they mean that 24 hours must elapse between sending a whisper to the first recipient and 1001? Or does it mean that there is a certain period of “day”, for example from 00:00 UTC to 00:00 UTC and inside this period bot can send whisper only for 1000 recipients? Or do this mean something else?

Can anyone answer these questions?
In my opinion, they are not covered in detail in the documentation. But I think experienced developers have understood more deeply in these restrictions more time ago. May by I need to contact the support, but in discussions in this forum I read that the support is very slow in answering questions.

50 in 30 means priv_msg excluding whispers which are a special case

No idea, sounds the same to me

You get one token back 24 hours after using a token

Basically if you build a system/bot that sticks within the limits, then you don’t need to worry about the limits. The limits exist to protect chat from a malfunctioning bot. If you are aiming to exceed these limits or get anywhere close to them, you probably should look at another solution.

Or you are a multi channel bot, but thats a whole different kettle of fish

Thank you.
The thing is, I’m making a bot that works in different channels at the same time. More precisely, the broadcaster of any channel can go to a channel where my bot work and connect bot to his channel too. The activity of the bot will depend solely on the activity of its users. Ie the more often the users sends to the bot commands, the more often it will be answer them. All commands send a whisper to whoever requested them to confirm the success or report an error. At the same time, some commands require requests to define user_id or to execute join and part (enable and disable commands that are needed to enable and disable the bot in the channel). Due to the fact that, it is assumed, the bot will be used by many users of Twitch, the speed of sending commands to the bot, and, respectively, its answers, may exceed the limits and I am creating a system that will delay the execution of the command if the limits are reached to prevent the bot ban.

That seems wasteful…

You’ll be sending a channel message and a “spam” whisper…

A “spam” whisper is one where you basically send the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over again…

Let alone two messages where just the command trigger response would suffice

No, our bot will not send anything to the channel. Users in the channel will send him commands, and he answers in a whisper.

What do you mean?

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