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I’m wondering if possible to create a simple input and response bot that has multiple accounts that can respond to a single command entry in my chat.

Example here if my question doesn’t make sense.

I want to open my “multi-bot”

When I type a command like !alts my alt accounts will all respond with !enter

I use stream.bot which allows this for one alt/bot account, is like to log say 5 or 6 accounts in that all respond the same in my chat.

Can this be done or did this exist and I can’t find it.

Sure it can be done.

I don’t think anyone does it off the shelf since it’s conceptually not a useful thing. It’s odd for “multiple bots to be in the same channel when added by the streamer with the same command list”

Conceptually, since each user will need it’s own connection it’s easier to run x number of seperate chat bots where x is the number of alts to run.

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Yes that’s exactly what I’m doing right now with stream.bot I was just wondering if it would use less resources if I had it in one program instead of six

The uses all accounts for a game I am working on so I can have them all join at the same time during my testing

The change in overhead wouldn’t be that much overal in general.

Since the “bulk” of the load is in the 6 connections to chat. Even if those 6 connections was in my “master process/program”

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So overall it kind of pointless to have in one program for six is what you’re saying

broadly yeah.

it would be a lot easy to say to “master program” to spool up y accoutns for sure. But then the “master program” would just boot up y sub proccesses.

it would make management of the pool easier but thats it really.

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Right on I appreciate the answers to my questions. I was just thinking in the terms that you used a master program without all the other functions of the bot might be less resource hungry. But in general if it would be the same load more or less on my computer it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Thank you

Yeah in my opinion the overhead of the master program is tiny compared to the connection itself.

Sure the solution you are currently using might be “heavy” since it spools up a full UI.

And a single script multiple invokes of a simpler solution will be less. Since you only need the one command so you can get rid of streamerbots’ plugin system and command editing/etc

But I’d probably just use a script and feed the script different key/oAuth sets

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Just to state here at the end of this post if somebody does have such a program I would like to check it out and see how it responds to what I’m working on feel free to let me know.

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