Possible to grab Last Live, and Current Title while I am offline?

As the title suggests. Is there a way to grab a VoD’s last live date. I know Twitch itself shows when I was last live from the last vod at the top carousal. I’ve been trying to see if I can implement that into my site. I do have if live showing current title, game, viewers, etc.

But for when I am offline. Grabbing the title, and last live date is my end goal here. I have searched the topics similar to, and searching, and I’m sure the API has changed since 2015-2018, and not all those topics represent what I want to grab. Since it’s possible to grab when I am online, I figured, it would show if I added $title to the if else echo. But my knowledge stops there. As that obviously didn’t work.

Thank you!

Title can be gotten from the Channel Information endpoint

Last live date there is not “direct” way really.

Beyond grabbing the last VOD of type ARCHIVE from the Get Videos endpoint if it’s available.

But then that would match what the Twitch Web UI shows generally

Thank you! Will check those out!

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