Problem with getting viewers with the new API

So, I’ve beenscratching my head with the new changes in the API, and I, for the life of me can’t really comprehend very much about it lol

I even tried using the sample code that’s on API document, and it just marks error after error…

in Windows, it says that it’s a bad/illegal format, and that moderator_id is wrong.

And on Linux, bad request after bad request.

I want to get a list of the community, like VIPs, Moderators, and chatters, but it’s really difficult to understand this part lol I’ve been using the API for other stuff, like getting the Stream descript, if the streamer is live or not.

With TMI it was really simple, even though it could break or change at anytime.

But yes, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong lol

VIPS - Reference | Twitch Developers
Moderators - Reference | Twitch Developers
Chatters - Reference | Twitch Developers

It’s similar to getting Stream titles.

You jsut need to specify the relevant parameters and have the relevant tokens.

You seem to be having an issue when running command line curl.
So skip curl and get yourself going in the programming langauge or choice.

Where you could use curl instead that language or a library for that language.

So if you have code we can help debug code, but if you are having issues with curl on the command line then you likely have insufficent understanding of the command line (no offence intended) in order to translate the documentation to a command you can run.

Since on the command line you need to use the right " and/or escape parameters as needed to stop the command line misinterpreting your input

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