Quick sanity check extention

Hello all,

im stuck for 2nd week trying to see my overlay. Would really appreciate some advice or what to look into.
I ran mkcert to create https on front end hosting on https://localhost:8080

In dev console the extention configuration loads a preview (overlay is just 2 h1 divs with words which is correct)

When I go live though I dont see option to add it

When trying to add the webpage manually to stream as a source i do get an error though is this sign something is wrong?
Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 5.00.45 pm

An extension isn’t added to your streaming software.

An extension loads over the top of the video stream.

To add an extension to your Channel, you go to the twitch dashboard https://dashboard.twitch.tv/ and click [extensions] then, as this seems to be a unreleased extension, under invite only you can install your extension then activate it into the relevant slot.


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It worked thank you!!! :smiley:

Also localhost is resolved to your local computer as IP, so nobody will see your content through your extension but you.
To serve it you need set up either a dynamic DNS or host it from a web hosting service.

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