Recently Streamed Categories

I want to get recently streamed categories data from the following screenshots. Just tell me which api provides that data.

There isn’t one.

The only way to collect it, at time of writing, is in real time from Get Streams API or using Channel Update EventSub to collect when it happens

I have used API. In the API document of twitch ‘type’ paramas possible values are:

  • all
  • live

but it only return live stream videos details not all. So please suggest me from which API I will get Recently Streamed Categories lists .
Thank you.

You collect the games streamed in real time.

So when a stream starts you record the game.
When the stream changes games you record the game.

IE you capure the game the stream is playing whilst the stream is streaming.

The API doesn’t have “historical” data so you have to collect it in real time.

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