Redirect_uri missing or invalid TLD

Hi everyone,

i am developing an iOS app and for authentication with Twitch I need the redirect_uri.
The iOS Uri Scheme is like: appname://…/…

Now when I am creating a new Application in Twitch`s dev dashboard and enter the redirect_uri:
“appname://callback/twitch” I get the error: “Missing or invalid top level domain”.

In older versions of the Dev Dashboard redirect_uri s like this where possible, why not now?
I need this scheme for my iOS apps.

Can someone help me? Maybe Twitch Staff?

Thanks in advance

This falls under the category of a “auth without a server” right?

So you probably want this Authentication | Twitch Developers instead and then just leave the redirect_uri as blank/localhost?

As per

Fully client side applications must use implicit code flow, because the client secret must not exist on the client.

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