Regarding the many previous questions about an API function to gift subs

Hey, this is just one quick question. Google and the forum search suggest that this has been asked and answered - the API cannot and will not support anything related to money transactions.

I would like 1 definitive answer for myself and any other future googlers - is there any workaround that would be permitted in this area for any context? For a specific use case that I have in mind, the flow would be navigating to a stream, logging in as myself, and giving a gift subscription to a particular user. The context being there is no exchange or intent outside of my own giving of subscriptions.

Could that process be aided in any way whether it’s a browser extension doing a little or headless browser doing a lot? In a practical example, there are a few users I would like to regularly gift subscriptions to on a channel other than my own.

If that use case still breaks any terms of service I’m fine with handling that manually, I just want to avoid getting in trouble and remove any room for inconclusive speculation, thanks!

No one here is a legal expert so we can’t give a definitive answer.

Using undocumented endpoints and first party tokens is likely a violation of the developer agreement, and because this is something involving payment processes it’s quite a serious thing so my advice would be not to attempt this and to gift any subs manually.

What you could do is submit a feature request on UserVoice and perhaps Twitch would consider it if there’s sufficient use case to outweigh the potential security issues. Developers: Top (553 ideas) – Twitch UserVoice

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