Requesting Ownership of Game over one week late

We’ve been waiting over a week for Twitch to confirm ownership of our game ( to our organisation (Tributary Games). Can we please expedite this?

There is a delay on organisation stuff due to a influx in requests so they are on hold for the moment.

Understood - Do you have any update on when this will be re-opened again? This is holding up the development of our game.

I have no further information.

Thank you Barry. One final question - How long has this been the case for Requesting Ownership?

since not long after the game developer badge was introduced and every man and their dog applied to claim their game to obtain the badge.

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Haha - How can anyone be that excited about a badge!? Madness. My sympathies. If this changes (which it sounds like it won’t) is there any way to let us know? We’re trying to integrate Twitch Drops as part of a contract and it looks like we might have to go cap in hand back to our publisher.

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