Respond to Twitch Users using Channel Points (ideally through Whispers)

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How can I notify a Twitch user (viewer) that has used a channel points redemption?

Ideal scenario:
Let’s say the Streamer installed my extension that has custom channel points for viewers (so they are authorized). The Viewer used a channel point redemption and depending on the outcome, the system will inform this viewer through a Whisper.

Would that be possible? I can imagine there are limitations/securities because of bots/scammers.

For example, could we send a text message “on behalf” of the streamer?

Let me know if there is information missing. I hope you can help me out!

Essentially not a good idea.

Whispers just do not work for bots and should be avoided.

Then you end up with two notifications.

The one in public chat of the channel points being used.
Then you repeating that in a whisper

But the user is already on the channel as the only way to use points is via the “store” at the bottom of chat.

So your whisper is a double

Display the outcome in the extension of via Extension Chat.

It seems I didn’t include an important detail. The message towards the winning user should be personal.
E.g. you won this price, here is code: 112233 and go to

I know we can do a “claim” button in the extension and it will check if the user is within the right conditions. I consider that’s a good alternative.

Show this in the extension only to that user.

You could use the Extension PubSub Whisper Topic for this.

or use either kind of pubsub (channel or whisper) to relay the “winners” list then the winners instance of the Extension makes the HTTP Call to fetch prize data.

Probably what I would do. But I’d only show the winners the claim button

Basically: whispers are a no go.

Even more so when you intend to sent “reptitive”/similar message to every user that you are gonna whisper.

And it just makes sense to keep all the extension stuff inside the extension. As then users are not opening other windows for the same data.

Reply to the user in the same place they started the interaction.

because it’s technically not possible or is it is prevented?

both. everyone has problems with whispers, they are not designed for “automation”/bots to use

and it’s bad practice.

If you entered a giveaway/won a prize via an extension.

Why would a user naturally look in whispers? Additionally problemative for mobile users as they have to “essentially leave the channel” to get to their whisper, but if they already have the extension open, why go to another “window”/section of the app?
The user would expect it to be presented in the same place they entered/found out about the giveaway/prize/reward/etc.

Ok so even if we would to get Twitch’s approval, it would technically be impossible.

We should use the alternative approach, that is to communicate it through the extension.

How/Where do you get Twitch’s approval?

Even people who get “bot status” then come back in the Dev Discord as their whispers still don’t work.

Best from a “user story”/“user design”/“user interaction” aspect.

Are you saying it is unreliable?

Well, participation is through Channel Points, and visually displayed on stream through a browser source, so it is separated from the extension.

I’m saying Whispers do not work at all.
100% failiure rate.

By talking with their employees

Thats outside the realm of this forum then.

As who knows what things exist that you can/cannot get acesss to.

Theres noting in the documentation that a regular developer can get access to to, do whispers better

Thanks for your time Barry :slight_smile:
I really appreciate your feedback and our discussions!

Most welcome.

Throwing channel poitns into the mix makes it more complex.
But I would just completely ignore chat/bot interaction stuff
And use pretty boxes in the extension.

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