Rooms IRC echo-message

As mentioned in this thread:

Messages sent to chat rooms are being repeated back to IRC clients. As a default, this breaks basic IRC protocol expectations.

This behaviour should only be enabled when the echo-message capability is requested by clients, described here:

Any chance this can be changed so IRC clients can better support twitch chat rooms?


Your link makes it seem simple to handle. Ignore whatever PRIVMSG or NOTICE you send and then handle the reply from the Twitch IRC server as if it was your original IRC message.

Clients that receive self-sent PRIVMSG and NOTICE messages, MUST treat them the same way as if the client itself would have sent the message to the target. Clients may choose to disable local echoing of sent PRIVMSG and NOTICE messages altogether, or present them in pending state.

I however understand your point that is not standard regarding the IRC v3 specs.

Yes, suppressing the PRIVMSG/NOTICE on the client side is simple to do, but knowing when to do that is the trick. That’s what the echo-message cap is for.

What you say makes sense. Have you an idea for a work around currently?

For a standard IRC client, not really, this needs a behaviour change in the Twitch IRC messaging interface.

If you’re building a client only for Twitch, then you can probably justify adding a brittle hack to special case this based on detecting whether a channel name looks like a room.


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