Server message sending priority

Hey everyone, I’d just like to ask a quick question on some behaviour I noticed whilst developing my Twitch bot.

I’ve noticed that I’m receiving data on my socket out of chronological order when compared to certain commands.

For instance, PRIVMSG commands are received instantly whereas MODE JOIN AND PART (these are the ones that I have noticed thusfar) are not.

My assumption is that these messages are not necessarily considered critical data and that due to the vast amount of channels in existence to instantly send out this information would be a waste of resources. Is this correct? If not do I need to do anything on my end to rectify this.

I’ve not actually worked with IRC before so I apologize if I’m asking a rather remedial question.

Thanks in advance.

JOIN/PART are batched up into blocks and sent say once every 10 seconds.

Further more JOIN/PART do not work if a channel has over 1000 people in it.

See here: JOIN/PART changes, temporary and future

Thanks Barry, I would have guessed that would be the case in regards to JOIN/PART but wasn’t sure of the upward limit.

It’s reassuring to know that this behaviour is by design and that the issue that was present to me at the time is no longer a thing as I can obtain details that I need through IRCv3 tags sent in the packet.

If you are using Join/part for detection of who is in a channel see this URL/API/endpoint instead:

Swap cohhcarnage accordingly for your channel. And FYI this is a unofficial/undocumented API.

Join/part/membership tags is best for +O/mod detections or the proper IRCv3 TAGs and the user-type tag

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