[Spring][Reactor] No response from PubSub

I’m sending a message to wss://pubsub-edge.twitch.tv:443 over WebSocket to subscribe to the subscriber topic, here is the payload.


In Java : String payload = “{"type": "LISTEN","nonce" "44h1k13746815ab1r2","data": {"topics": ["whispers.125360799"],"auth_token": "REMOVED" }”;

And I just don’t get any response, but if I send something like this:


I actually receive an error message.

You are trying to subscribe to the whispers topic in your code, so of course you won’t get subscribers over the wire.

I have removed your oAuth tokens which you are NOT supposed to post publicly, as that is against the Dev TOS you already agreed to.

This tokens are no longer valid, I tried channel-subscribe-events-v1.channel ID too, oh sorry thats the wrong json, here is the current one:


It just that the docs say that i should get a response:

  "type": "RESPONSE",
  "nonce": "44h1k13746815ab1r2",
  "error": ""

But I don’t get anything

Are you logging the RAW data being sent by server server?

If you are using a helper library it might not float back a listen non error response?

I’m using the Reactor’s Reactive WebSocket API, the thing is that it works perfectly fine for the irc server, and yes I’m logging the raw data 16c46f1d-5268-4330-9746-37efc7a760a0
here is the error response when I send a bad request

The token you are using is authorised for the channel you are requesting to listen on?


Maybe I’m getting the wrong token, is there a method to get the token with some other method, so i can test it out? I’m currently receiving it via code.


You didn’t finish the oAuth legs

You need to exchange the code for an access token

Step 2->Step 3

I’ve done the 3 step too, because i use the token to get the user info from twitch to authorize in my app. I actually tested it with simple http request and got this response

    "access_token": "token",
    "expires_in": 14979,
    "refresh_token": "rToken",
    "scope": [
    "token_type": "bearer"

and used the token, but the result is the same

If this is a direct copy paste from what you generated. The JSON is invalid.

You are missing a } on the end

You closed “data” but you didn’t close the whole object.

OMG that’s it, thank you so much. Such a stupid mistake. Sorry for wasting your time.

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s’all good it happens.

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