Status webhook verification is failed

Hi, when i do a request POST
code in python:

post_request ='', headers=testa, json=data) #Do the post request

print(post_request) # Print the status code 200, 202, 400...
print(post_request.json()) #Pick the post_request and transform in json format

it gave me 202 response status code and the status is in pending, but when i do the get request for take the list of my subscriptions the status result failed

“failed” indicates that Twitch was unable to verify the subscription


  • Your callback is not web accessable.
  • Your callback didn’t respond to the challenge request correctly.
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for callback i’m using localtunnel which is listening to port 443

So your callback is https://localhost:443?

Localhost to Twitch is Twitch not you.
localhost is not a valid callback.

nope my host is it’s change everytime i use npx localtunnel --port 443 site of this ‘library’ Localtunnel ~ Expose yourself to the world

If you are not seeing requests in your log from Twitch

Then Twitch maybe hitting this page, instead of your server.

So trace and debug the connectivity issue

I’ve used a library of python which is equal of localtunnel but wrapped in python flask-localtunnel · PyPI - - [25/Sep/2022 23:18:43] "POST /callback HTTP/1.1" 404 - - - [25/Sep/2022 23:18:54] "POST /callback HTTP/1.1" 404 - - - [25/Sep/2022 23:19:15] "POST /callback HTTP/1.1" 404 - - - [25/Sep/2022 23:19:55] "POST /callback HTTP/1.1" 404 -

Something called/POST’ed to /callback and your script responded with a 404 not found.

Really don’t have idea because with this flask-localtunnel it gave me 404, i think it’s a problem of the library

Because if i use a library GitHub - Teekeks/pyTwitchAPI: A Python 3.7 implementation of the Twitch API, EventSub and PubSub, and i use the link of localtunnel like
https:/example-dog– it gave me status succes

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