Streaming from xbox not going live on twitch

Im not sure if this is a forum where people offer help or not im sorry but im having streaming from my xbox onto my twitch account. It says im live on my xbox and it shows when i change games or titles on my profile from my xbox but the stream never goes live any help guys? once again i apologize if this is in the wrong location

This forum is for developing programs in collaboration with Twitch’s API. You can find the guidelines off this forum here and you can find the general post lines here.
On the flip side, that does not mean I (we) don’t want to help you, but please do keep this in mind next time.

I take it that you’ve tried turning on and off the stream several times, have reset your internet (several times), checked if your connection via your streaming software is working properly?

Also, have you checked if your Xbox actually sends anything to your router?

i mean im online on my xbox playing through the internet and when i make profile changes on my twitch from my xbox it registers on twitches website so i know that the two are connected just fine but when it comes to actually getting the stream to appear it consistantly says offline but on the corner of my screen on the xbox it says live. I can stream off of my PC just fine but when i use my kinnect i get nothing from it but my kinnect shows that my camera and mic are working just fine.

I unfortunately do not know much about the Xbox, let alone it’s streaming function, so I don’t think I would be of much help…
But maybe the Twitch guys know more of it, as they’re the one who made the program(s). Maybe look here for a possible solution.
If that doesn’t seem to resolve your issue, try the sending an email to twitch’s help-desk.

You can always try their live support on twitter. As well as reporting bugs, as this is definitely one of them.

Hi, my name is ALex, and i wanna streaming from my console
What problems i can get?
Tell me about all of them.
Thanks a lot.