Subscribe to multiple EventSub at the same time

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I would like to know if there is any possibilities to subscribe to multiple types when we subscribe to events via a POST call in this URL :

Indeed, in the documentation that you can found here :

In the data that we have to send, there is only one type that is mentionned :


Is there any possibilities to send more that one type in one call ? Or do we have to make an other POST call for each type that we wanted ?

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Bulk is not supported.

One HTTP Call for each topic.

Makes it easier to handle authentication failiures.
And stops you self ddosing your own endpoint


Ok right, thank you very much for that !

But I think there is a limit that we can’t exeed for EventSub call right ? I saw it here :

So if I want to subscribe for example for 10 types, is it okay if I do 10 POST call to do so ?

This is for the websocket.
The two transport types currently offered have different limits.

The max cost on the websocket is 10
But you can have as many cost 0’s as you want. (up to 100)
And if the websocket is subscribing to the topcis for the authed user than your cost will be 0

So my example: EventSub WebSockets with Implicit Auth Example makes six topic requests, but only for the authenticating user, so it’s cost 0. Leaving 94 of the total left. And 10 cost 1’s

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All right, the websocket is only for my channel, so if I understand it will cost 0 for me ?
If I wanted to subscribe to 10 types, it will leave 90 of the total left right ?
Because it is only for my channel. Am I right ?


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Okay thank you very much for you help everything was understandable ! :smiley:

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