The best Twitch experience

I have some issues on my website with embedding the stream on two different implementations:

On both sites I get this quite frequently:

I deactivated the Tracking blocking in Firefox
and deactivated uBlock Origin

I have the same issues in a clean Chrome (no extensions installed)

I use two different implementations, one is plain as per documentation and one uses an Angular package (GitHub - frozencure/twitch-player: A Typescript wrapper for the Twitch embeddable, interactive media player.). Both show the same with a slightly worse experience with the vanilla implementation (the counter restarts 4-5 times before showing the stream again).

I use this in the beta page:


ngOnInit(): void {

        this.params = this._route.params.subscribe((params) => {

            this.twitchPlayer = new TwitchEmbed('twitch-player', {
                height: '100%',
                width: '100%',
                channel: params['channel'],
                layout: TwitchEmbedLayout.VIDEO_WITH_CHAT



<div class="flex flex-col flex-auto w-full xs:p-2" id="twitch-player"></div>

Is there anything wrong with my implementation. How can I find out if this affects other users as well?

Any hint highly appreciated


This is forced on all embeds currently and there is no way to disable it.


wow, thanks for sharing.
What an incredible inconvenience. I can’t believe this does not hurt them enough resolve it quicker…

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