The webcam need twitch HLS API

Our company is production the webcam,and our app need a live function.
I just see there have RTMP api in the document now.
But I want like the HLS api, maybe we can login twitch in our apps and the user will be live on easy, they did not to be produced the RTMP URL.
Help me,pls. very hurry!

There is no HLS API.

The only supported way to stream to Twitch is RTMP.

Thanks for your reply, but I saw the app of logitech camera have the HLS function. In this app,I can login twith by authorize. Then I can live just press a button. I did not need be produced RTMP URL and key in twitch website.

For the general population, as a 3rd party developer you do not have any access other than RTMP. Any other app may have a special agreement that you may not know about. You only have access to what is documented on the Twitch developer documentation.

Any app can ask for permission to access the users stream key, then just get a list of ingest servers, add the stream key, and start an RTMP stream at the press of a button. It can be done entirely automatically after the user connects with their Twitch account, which is why there’s no need for the user to enter an RTMP url or anything.


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