Top Clips for a game or broadcaster are now available in the new Twitch API

Today we’re excited to announce an update to the new Twitch API “Get Clip” endpoint. Now you can get top Clips in descending order by view count using either a game ID or broadcaster ID. We’ve also added parameters to paginate through the results.

Check out the Get Clip documentation for more details.


Awesome stuff!

Is there a plan to add another query parameter to filter by time period? Like the v5 API did? (day, week, month).

I get that it’s possible to do it manually by going through all pages, but that might get wild for big channels with lots of clips.

Can we get duration of clip as it is in v5 API?

We are currently considering this functionality but do not have a timeline for release. Thanks for the feedback!

We currently have no plans for this feature, but can be brought to discussions with the team