TOS questions about storing chat logs from livestreams

I am developing an application that involves storing the chat logs from livestreams for only 30 days. Only streamers who register with my application will have their livestream chats logged.
I read through the Twitch Developer Agreement, and in the Requirements for Specific Features and APIs Chat section, it claims that we can, “…retain chat logs as necessary for the operation of Your Services or to improve Your Services.” While the TOS doesn’t specify an upper bound for the duration, is there a recommended duration that I should abide by?
Also, is there any guidance related to monetizing a service that uses chat logs gathered from livestreams?

You should reach out to, no one here on these forums is a legal expert and additionally your use case of monetization of chat logs would likely be prohibited without an agreement from Twitch Legal, so they would be the ones you need to conrtact.

Thank you for the response! I’ll send them an email. I couldn’t find a proper subcategory for the legal category on the “Contact Us” page, which is why I figured I’d post here.

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