Total Subs Bug?

Today a streamer asked me if there was something wrong with my project because it was showing a wrong amount of subs.
According to the Twitch Dashboard, the channel “treshtoons” (TwitchID: 75144207) has 33 subs at the moment while in the API (V3 and V5) it says 36. This has been going on for a while apparently. It’s never the correct number, it’s usually +3 according to the streamer.

At first I thought it could be a cache problem, but I’ve checked and it’s not on my end. And if it is Twitch’s cache, then it would have to be a really big cache time.

From the Streamer’s Dashboard:

From the API

My suspicion is that this is due to an upgrade (i.e. someone started at $4.99 and went to $9.99). Can you check the output to see if there are multiple entries for a single user at different tiers?

I’ve checked and there are some users with multiple subscriptions ($4,99 , $9,99 and $24,99) including the streamer itself.
But they all count in the “_total”. There’s no other way to check for the real number of subscribers besides looping the entire endpoint and checking if there is more than 1 subscription for each user.

It’s a bit of unnecessary processing in my opinion when all we want is one value.

Here’s how you can get the sub score and other interesting information: Requesting list of subscribers returns list with incorrect sub plans

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