Trying to verify a subscription request

According to this, I’m supposed to receive a challenge field.

All I’m getting is:
{'id': '<REDACTED>', 'status': 'webhook_callback_verification_pending', 'type': '', 'version': '1', 'condition': {'broadcaster_user_id': '<REDACTED>'}, 'created_at': '2023-03-13T11:02:41.768422603Z', 'transport': {'method': 'webhook', 'callback': '<REDACTED>'}, 'cost': 1}

Is the page not updated? What am I missing here?

This suggests that Twitch is unable to reach your callback URL, or you are not responding correctly.

This could be a SSL problem or your endpoint is not web accessable, or your response logic is wrong.

You can use the CLI to test your endpoint for conformance - GitHub - twitchdev/twitch-cli: The official Twitch CLI to make developing on Twitch easier. - twitch event verify-subscription -s "YOURSECRET" -F "YOURCALLBACK"

And you can use SSLLabs to test/verify your SSL Setup SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

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Oh, I think I misunderstood something about callback URLs then. I thought they’d only be useful for plain notifications for events and not be used on this part of the process, so I don’t have it implemented yet.

Is the callback URL supposed to carry on the process from there? I was just confused about this fact cause I was getting a response from the sender.

You are trying to use EventSub Webhook transport

This will send a message to your callback URL when events occur.

As part of setting up a subscription, Twitch will call your callback to see if it exists, is valid, and expecting data.

If your callback doesn’t exist then Twitch has no where to send data, so allowing the creation on a subscription would mean that Twitch would be trying to send data to a non existant callback.

You got a 204 from the API saying what you sent to the API to create a subscription is correct.

later Twitch will then call your endpoint to verfiy it and later send data (later in this case being a second at most)

Verification checks are asycnronous.

Yeah you need the callback to exist and be ready for data first

Oh, okay, I think I understand now. Guess I’ll get the endpoint running soon for testing.

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