Twitch API creating Polls

I have a moderator bot that is using some of the helix endpoints to delete messages, create polls, etc. But I have run into an issue trying to have it create polls/predictions.

Take polls for example: Trying to create a poll on a channel using the ( endpoint. This endpoint requires a broadcaster_id, some other poll fields, as well as the auth headers (oauth/client_id). When submitting the request I am getting an error similar to “broadcast_id must match id from oauth token”

Does this mean that only the broadcaster has the ability to create polls? I’ve noticed other endpoints use the moderator_id field to identify moderators but this one doesn’t. Is there a way to create a poll as a moderator for another channel using the twitch api helix endpoints?


It means that you need an auth token from the broadcaster to create polls. A moderator is not sufficient.


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