Twitch API Exporting Videos

In searching, I found a number of partially related questions about exporting to youtube.

From the docs, it doesn’t seem that there is functionality to export/upload one of my own broadcasts to youtube.

If I am correct that this functionality does not exist, I would like to say it would be a very useful addition (for me).


This functionality is built into Twitch.

It’s not a “third party thing” hence not in the docs

See this help document for information on this

Specifically “Export”

Your Twitch account can be connected to a YouTube account via your Connections page. Once your accounts are connected, you can use the Export option to upload your videos to YouTube directly from Twitch without having to download them locally.

Additioanally first party feature requests should go to the uservoice but this is already implementated anyway

I am specifically asking that it be available to the Twitch REST API, I know it exists via the GUI.

My use-case is that I want to write a little script that can grab all my past vods and then just export them all.

Then you’d probably use local record to get the videos
Then upload those to YouTube via the YouTube API instead.

Or whenever you end a stream, got to your vods and tell it to export.
Then it’s jsut part of your “end of stream tasklist”.

For anything else you’ll need a feature request for “controlling the export process”

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