Twitch API 'GET' follower count

I am learning about API’s and this will be my 4th API
My goal is to get my Twitch follower count displayed on my website

I seem to be unable grasp anything that is documented in the Twitch API documentation
I tried to follow it and request some sort of token it said I needed, the App access token
Couldn’t even get that to work

I don’t understand why I need 4 different codes to make a get request for data that is public

For example github you only need the username to get that users public data in json format to use

If anyone has time some time to explain how the twitch API works or even help me build my script feel free to answer me because after so many hours of 0 progress I am getting impatient

The Authentication Docs are a great starting place. It walks you through the process of creating an App on Twitch, and then step by step each of the OAuth flows to get an Access Token.

If you’re attempting to get an App token through the Client Credentials flow and it’s not working for you, show as your code so far that’s failing and what error you’re getting and maybe we can assist.

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