Twitch API Version Update Discussion & FAQ

Ah that makes sense to be able to bulk translate names to ids.

I also noticed (due to me not handling nulls yet) that the channel object in contains 3 extra fields; “background”, “banner”, and “delay”. This is the only end-point so far I got these extra fields, and it even shows on the documentation, any reason for them to be here or some lingering old fields that can be ignored?

Talking about delay, updating the channel with a new delay returns the channel object on success but this does not include the delay field to verify OR check the delay when for example a bot starts up and the stream is not live yet (as I do know the delay can be found there) any way to get the delay when the stream is offline to set current values on the user interface?

And as last, is going to be expanded in the future or should I just ignore this endpoint and use the currently undocumented endpoints described in [beta] Badge API as those endpoints currently have all badges the documented endpoint does not have. If so makes me wonder what the documented end point is good for :stuck_out_tongue: