Twitch API Version Update Discussion & FAQ

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I’ve spent nearly a month working to get my software working with the current API…I wish there had been mention of this somewhere on the main page ( or in the docs. :frowning:

This is gonna suck.

Don’t worry jpcguy89 - you have until Feb 2018 to migrate over because v3 will be available until then.

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@moocat (and anyone else that asked about this…): User ID is returned on the root now.

I’ll let you know when the bulk endpoint for users is available.


Thanks! Was a quick and easy change in my code.

v5 docs are here! You can check out the docs directly:

Or read my blabbering about them here: V5 Documentation is here!


My app uses UTC timestamps wrote down during the stream to quickly find back sections of the stream in VODs for highlighting. However in v5 videos don’t have the recorded_at property anymore so I have to rely on created_at instead which lowers the accuracy of my app.

Any reason for removing it? Please bring it back? :confused:


Any ETA for this bulk endpoint?

Would love to know as well. Should probably start fetching those millions of users sooner than later.

Sorry for the slow response! We’ve been on holiday break. I filed this as a request a while ago, so I’ll check on that and let you know!

Heads up, devs, we’re in the process of normalizing all IDs to strings instead of integers. This was a planned change that wasn’t messaged appropriately (it came up here and was answered in another thread). I’m propagating changes to the docs and blog now to make sure this is noted.


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Different query:

Exists as an endpoint, for converting v3 usernames to v5 userID’s which, one hopes, will be around forever.

But what exists for converting a display name? For when a display name is in localised such as ジェイコブ aside form Search theres no end point for this, primarily in the case of “new sub” where there is no tag data of use to use to get other information.

Honestly they just need to get sub-messages over to USERNOTICE. There are no other use-cases for looking up a display-name afaik (you’ll always have the actual user-name or -id)


Is there anything in the future to allow dev’s to get multiple users from ID at once from a single request? That way we’re not hammering the API as much and grabbing, for example, 5 or 10 results in a single request rather than doing it 10 times. (ie:,#,#,#,#,#).

@Andrew_Sokalski That’s in progress. See discussion above. I’ll follow up today to see where it is.

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Does this go for all ID’s (such as emote ID’s , etc) or just channel and user ID’s?

I would treat all IDs as strings. It’ll be safer that way long-term. You can already see that some IDs have turned into GUIDs in v5. E.g. Channel posts.

Alright, that’s what I figured. Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Is it still safe to assume that all user-ids are in [0-9] format, and will continue to be so?

@moocat No planned changes right now, but the IDs could end up being UUIDs like channel posts referenced above. I’ll keep you posted if they’re going to change!