Twitch Chat (from a Twitch Dev)

So lets do some thinking with this line, because Twitch has already added so many limits to chat that this is seriously getting ridiculous.

Connections (auths) per second
Joins per second
Messages per second

There’s also a per-connection server-side message queue that kicks you out if 20 messages collect on the server, meaning that the number of channels you can join per connection without ill effects is rather low, especially if there’s any lag spikes.

Couple that with the sheer number of Twitch channels and the amount of channels bots are currently in, and we now have a blaring issue.

What are we noticing? Well, it looks like you’re trying to make running large-scale bots exponentially harder (or potentially kill them entirely). The only way to scale currently is horizontally with multiple connections.

There’s no doubt that even if you keep adding limitations there will always be ways around them. It’s simple for me to just buy a huge block of IPs.

If the goal in all of this is to prevent abuse, you will find out that this does nothing to prevent abuse. Maybe there’s the sheer chance you’ll lessen it, but lets be honest here: abusers utilize proxies and hacked machines. The only people you’re hurting here are the third-party developers.