Twitch could, for a fee, allow to increase to more than 5kb the limit in the pubsub

It would be nice to have, either for the pubsub or the config service, to have an increased time limit and space limit for a fee

The limit exists to help manage the health of the Twitch service as a whole.

If you need to exceed those limits you probably want to skip the config and pubsub services in favor of something you run yourself.

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Ok, sure. I understand, but paying for it can account for more resources

It’s not that simple.

The pubsub limit is not that easy to increase since the pubsub thread handles all messages, subscriber notifications, host, cheer, etc. So throwing in a message that is bigger that 5kb is not that simple to support.

It’s not a case of throwing more money at it, it’s a case of “health” of the system as well the the receiving users/viewers systems.

Greater than 5kb you use your own system with it’s own limits which traffic wise is only going to be handling your extension data. And thread wise isn’t going to block everything else going over pubsub.

it’s not a question of money, it’s total health of the stack

Ok, thank you.

I will try to adapt or create my own service.