Twitch embed not loading video

Hello, I am trying to embed a Twitch stream on a BrightSign XD1032 unit. The problem is that the video will not load and will stay as a black screen. Here’s the log:

[348474.151] [1102/] Check failed: tiles_.find(key) == tiles_.end(). 
[348474.151] [1102/] Check failed: tiles_.find(key) == tiles_.end(). 
[348895.407] [INFO]   [source]: JQMIGRATE: Logging is active 
[348895.858] [WARNING][source]: JQMIGRATE: jQuery.browser is deprecated 
[348896.233] [ERROR]  [source]: Uncaught ReferenceError: SiteOptions is not defined 
[348896.821] [ERROR]  [source]: no supported video backend available 
[348897.714] [ERROR]  [source]: Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function 
[348899.901] [INFO]   [source]: Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration: One or more of the given URLs is not allowed by the App's settings.  It must match the Website URL or Canvas URL, or the domain must be a subdomain of one of the App's domains. 

And here’s the Iframe that I am using:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="720" width="1280" style="padding-left:150px"></iframe>

It looks like the page was loading script from a local network (, which may be why the iframe wasn’t loading. It appears to be working fine for me now. If you’re still having issue I would try clearing your cookies/cache.

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