Twitch embeded doesn't work for me

Annotation 2020-08-24 205515

Please help me…

  1. the channel name should be all lower case
  2. the parent shouldn’t have the /, parent is a domain name, and you’ve got a / on the end in error

Annotation 2020-08-24 205845

Did as you said

Then next we need the link to the page with the broken embed upon it so we can debug. (as per the megathread)

You mean this?

There is no broken embed on the linked page

No, it is on wordpress, it doesn’t show it if not working

I cannot make a suggested fix without seeing the broken embed.

There is no broken embed on the page you have linked so I cannot tell you what the fix is.

It’s likely what you have shown above, is not working in the wordpress preview tool, and you are not saving/checking it on your live site, as the preview tool has nested iframes going on.

What do you need to see? because, it doesn’t show anything on the live website, nor preview. It just showsAnnotation 2020-08-24 234235

I need to see it broken on your actual website, you just keep posting the iframe code so tries to embed it here, so I can’t tell you what to fix as I need to see it broken on your site

I can’t seem to get that done. I am new to this. Would you be able to help through teamviewer?


Literally just save the page in Wordpress, see that it’s broken on your website, and send the broken page in this thread

This doesn’t help me.

Hit save on the Wordpress editor, then link me the page with the broken embed on it, I literally need to see it broken on your Website to solve the issue.

There is no broken embed on the page you have linked to

That is what I have been trying to explain, it shows to not work on the editor. I save… poof gone

If you are hitting save on the editor and nothing is changing on your website, then the problem is with Wordpress.

I put out a question towards wordpress. Will get back to you Thx!

I put this in my themes header.php file above the PHP tag and it works. Keep in mind you must have an SSL installed on your site, and use https:// when visiting your site for the embed to work. Twitch will not allow an embed to work on http://


<iframe src='' frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" scrolling="no" height="300" width="525"></iframe>

Also you can check out this post here Automated Embedded twitch video iframe using Twitch API and bash

That will then put the stream on every page which I don’t believe the is the intent here.

Additionally, I don’t believe you can change this file on a hosted blog.

Thirdly it doesn’t solve the actual problem of the editor not saving using the content provided by the user.

You’ve completely ignored the actual problem