Twitch Extension Submittion


I submitted my extension for review last week and I provided a detailed guide on how to use this and my available time since it needs a specific game to function properly, I mean it will just run fine but it needs a game to see the result, so I need to go live so that they can see it.

The question is, how do I know when will the Twitch team review my extension? or do I just need to keep going live at the time I specified in my guide? I’ve been going live since last week for about 30mins, but I just want to make sure if there’s like a notification where I will know that for that day they will try to test it out or something like that.

Thank you

The queue seems to be abnormally long at the moment nearer to 11 working days based on shared information from other developers

We just don’t know so we can only go off what other people share.

Personally to keep my channel live for review I just leave ffmpeg running on a server to my review channel with a test pattern/image

I see, thank you for the information