Twitch Extensions Clickable Images

Hi everyone,

Trying to determine if it’s possible to develop a Twitch Extension that receives data from a secure database (stored in my web app) that will generate clickable images to market to viewers.

Essentially an API in my web app that can communicate url information for a product that can be clicked on during a stream

advertising based content is against the extension guidelines

4.4 Extensions may not display any advertising or sponsorship content (static or dynamic).

However, yes it’s technically possible, but it is against the rules

How could I get around this ?

Do you know the best way for me to achieve a panel/overlay that has clickable images or even a panel that has clickable URL’s

And how can it be technically possible but against the rules ? Could you please explain this

You can make code to do what you describe, therefore from a technology standpoint you can do that. IE Technically possible from a tech/code standpoint

Becuase you want to market products to people then you would be violating rule 4.4 and would not pass review

As an extension you wouldn’t pass review as you would be attempting to market what sounds to me as marketing content.

So the following rules


would likely apply to the described use case.

So under 4.6.3 I can’t even link to Steam in my game information extension, for example


Yes you can create the technogy in an extension to do what you describe - ie it is technically possible

However it will not pass review as it fails too many rules and guidelines

Extensions are just websites, so an extension can technically do anything a website can do. It just may not pass review if what the website/extension does doesn’t meet the rules and guidelines.

Makes sense. And if I use a superimposed partial view that will generate the website with the products? Essentially not redirecting the user offsite but they stay on the stream and can view the products whilst watching. Would that satisfy the guidelines and policies?

I don’t believe so no.

See also guidelines 4.10 which may apply

Thank you for being so responsive. I am just brainstorming at the moment: reading the documents it seems that off-site clickable ads are possible if redirected to Amazon.
If I have my products on an Amazon page, could I then have a clickable that redirects the viewers to an Amazon website

As extensions are just websites, yes, you can have a clickable button that links to amazon