Twitch Helix API - Following List Live/Offline

I’m currently trying to get a users current following list, which includes Live/Offline.

Currently I’m making a call to the ‘’ endpoint, which returns only Live channels. (I’ve also tried the endpoint ‘’ and getting the same results)

I’d like to know if there is a parameter I can pass that would allow the return to contain Offline channels as well?

I’m aware of the endpoint ‘’ but this endpoint is being deprecated and is not the correct solution.

This endpoint should return channels you follow regardless of live status.

I have checked and this works as expected for me

twitch api get 'channels/followed?user_id=15185913'
  "data": [
      "broadcaster_id": "26991613",
      "broadcaster_login": "magic",
      "broadcaster_name": "Magic",
      "followed_at": "2023-02-19T15:38:42Z"
      "broadcaster_id": "57047445",
      "broadcaster_login": "xemdo",
      "broadcaster_name": "Xemdo",
      "followed_at": "2023-02-17T22:19:07Z"
      "broadcaster_id": "627510124",
      "broadcaster_login": "watchmeforever",
      "broadcaster_name": "watchmeforever",
      "followed_at": "2023-02-01T23:39:45Z"
      "broadcaster_id": "58768328",
      "broadcaster_login": "fried_pickles",
      "broadcaster_name": "Fried_Pickles",
      "followed_at": "2023-01-05T23:19:16Z"

Xemdo is not currently live

You are absolutely right, just needed someone to confirm and cause me to search a bit deeper.

It was a setting on my end that falls back to the streamer/followed if there is no cursor.

Thank you for your clarification.

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