twitch.onAuthorized not firing in the developer rig ConfigurationService examples

Trying to view how the Configuration Service works through the developer rig examples that use it (bot commander and the animal facts), but I am seeing that twitch.onAuthorized is never being called (checked through breakpoints) and that means the configuration component always just shows Loading.... Any ideas why that might be the case?

If you create a new project, specifying an online extension with the appropriate extension types and selecting the Boilerplate example, do you get the same result?

Hi Ipa22,

I have mentioned this on the configuration service announcement post.
To get the example to fire those events add in the following dev rig env only code:
<script src=“”></script>
in the panel html’s. The other examples seem to do it.
Raised it here

The triggering of events used to raise new ones but also seems broken, perhaps it is changes to the dev rig since configuration service has launched.

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