Twitch Website embed

Hi, I’m trying to put an embed twitch on my website but it is showing that it is not properly configured, any ideas?

*my goal is to save the link when the user enters and then creates the embed.

<div class='ipsEmbeddedOther' contenteditable="false">
		src="{$type}={{if $type == 'video'}}v{{endif}}{$source}&autoplay=false"

Error: Refused to display ‘’ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘sameorigin’.

You haven’t specified the parents for the embed (if you look at the errorCode param of that error url you linked, it gives the NoParent error). The docs show that the parent param is required.

This means that if your embed is hosted on that you would need to set the parent to be, if you also wanted it to work without the www. then you’d also need to add as well, same with any other parent (some website builders such as Wix will automatically embed iframes within another iframe of their own, which is a parent you would need to add).

Ok, thanks I will try to change it. This code is an extension to the website and is possibly old or wrong.

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