Update required for EventSub WebSockets beta connection URL

While EventSub WebSockets continues to operate within an open beta, we are updating the connection URL as we progress closer to general availability. If you are not actively using EventSub WebSockets, no action is required.

What’s new?

The new WebSockets connection URL is: wss://eventsub.wss.twitch.tv/ws

This URL is available today and should be used instead of the previously documented URL (wss://eventsub-beta.wss.twitch.tv/ws). The documentation has been updated to reflect this change.

When do I need to make the change?

The existing URL that includes the word “beta” will continue to function for one month to provide a migration window for applications to be updated. On or soon after May 15, 2023, developers can expect the “eventsub-beta” subdomain to no longer resolve. When migrating, there is no functional difference between the two connection URLs.