Updating Stream Tags

Quick question for any of our resident experts, am I correct that to modify the stream tags you simply input a comma seperated list of the desired words into a modify channel information end point request rather than having to use specific tag ID’s? I read through the docs and that seemed to be the approach now that the old tags end points are being shut down, but I would appreciate someone confirming that before I spend a big chunk of time updating our games database with specific tag words I want to use!

Tags are an array of strings, so for example { "tags": [ "tag1", "tag2", "etc" ] }, and you’re correct in that they no longer use tag ID’s, you just use the text now.

When you come up with tags to use keep in mind that tags are case sensitive, and special characters are not allowed.

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That’s really interesting that they are case-sensitive because the docs specifically say they’re not case sensitive! Anyway, thank you very much! I guess I’ve got an exciting day of data entry ahead of me! Woo!

Within Twitch’s frontend they are case-insensitive, for example searching for the tag English will also show results for the tags english, EnGlIsH etc…, but the Modify Channel Information endpoint treats them as each being individual tags, so a channel could have multiple tags with the same characters but different casing, which does impact 3rd party sites/apps that do filter by exact casing. So it may or may not make a difference depending on your use case,

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Ah yes, that does make sense! I’m sure that won’t be an issue, but it’s good to know! Thank you!

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