Users list in IRC clients missing for me?

I can only see myself in users list now. I can still see and do chat normally.

Tested on Chatzilla (which I prefer) and also the dxirc and xchat clients in testing and got same result.

In Chatzilla I would enter /server 6667 oauth:mygeneratedpassword then /join #channelname for each channel I want to join and the users list was there. On the rare case the list did not show up for a moment.

So either it is a change or for some reason on my end on Linux as it was fine for me on last Friday.

A note: I did join the server and #chatzilla channel on Chatzilla and the users list worked properly. Also logged onto and can do the flash chat fine.

See this post: JOIN/PART changes, temporary and future

Join/Parts are
a) temporarily disabled altogether
b) removed to non CAP’ed clients

Hmm how did I miss that thread Thanks.

With E3 streams some were pretty active in viewer activity at times so no surprise if done temporarily.

Alright then as a users list is not a huge thing I need at moment since chat is still normal.

At least it was not on my end as networkmanager and wicked are having some small minor issues one way or another depending on which I used.

Depending what you need the user list for, this maybe of use:

Switch /twitch/ for whatever channel you need:

For example

Is there any way to perform a check if a person is a Moderator inside the client right now without using the TAGS capability at all and parsing for ‘user-type=mod’?

I understand that JOIN and PART are not sent anymore and WHO/WHOIS never worked.

Run .mods and parse the response from JTV

But it wont help if someone becomes mod after you get .mods.

Wrote a little something for mirc that works with a hashtable and will replace isop. It will parse for moderators every time you type .mods to update it:

  on *:TEXT:The moderators of this room are*:#: {
    if ( $nick == JTV ) {
      .hdel -w stream $chan $+ ;moderators;*
      var %modlist = $gettok($1-,2,58)
      var %modcount = $numtok($gettok($1-,2,58),44)
      var %i = 1
      while ( %i <= %modcount ) {
        var %modname = $mid($gettok(%modlist,%i,44),2)
        .hadd stream $chan $+ ;moderators; $+ %modname %modname
        inc %i

Now you gotta check for

$hget(stream,$chan $+ ;moderators; $+ $nick)

instead of

$nick isop $chan

Edit: Only works if the bot is logged in with the account of the channel owner/broadcaster because .mods does not seem to display the broadcaster name in the list of mods when used by a normal moderator.

Poll for .mods say once per minute or five minutes.

Or use alternative methods to track mods…

Btw, why not to change on-text events to raw-events and then use parsing?

Do whatever works best for you and your use case!

But be aware of IRC’s message limit. If a channel has a lot of moderators the .mods reply will be cut off, so you won’t receive all mods

EDIT: this message limit depends on the library/IRC client you’re using!

" on :TEXT:The moderators of this room are:#: {"
:#: triggers only for channel TEXT, but for me .mods returned as private message from JTV.

Not if you sent those two raw messages after connecting to the server:

/raw CAP REQ
/raw CAP REQ

The JTV messages will be displayed in the chat window afterwards (at least it did for me).

Yeah I’ve seen that, I think you can get around that by adjusting your library. I’ve had some success with that issue.

Isn’t the message limit set by the server? Hence, I doubt you can get around that because the server simply sends only let’s say 500 character per message.
I might be wrong about that though.

Not so far there was example with who had lots of mods at that time and mIRC show about ±1k lenth only, but in browser it was ok.

If that was the case how does .mods work in the Web Client :stuck_out_tongue:

Given that TMI is just a IRC interface, most IRC clients will follow the spec and put a block in to ignore extra characters/data where it doesn’t expect there to be data. Where as the front end/web TMI libs skip over the RFC violation.

You’re right guys, my bad :stuck_out_tongue:
I just ran a little test using my own bot and it received messages with 2k+ characters as opposed to mIRC with only ~1k characters.
Since mIRC is the only IRC client I’m using I assumed the limitation was on the server’s side.

Don’t get me wrong it probably should be a server limitation, but we are not talking about standard IRC here!

mIRC is being sensible and protecting users from malicious servers.

I believe Twitch does have a 1k char limit but the mods output bypasses that