Using GQL in 3rd party software

So twitch has been adding a new type of endpoint, the GQL endpoint to their frontend. Now, since it is undocumented, it is obviously unsupported (for now?).

I would like to hear some info on if

  1. This API is possibly intended for 3rd party use in the future
  2. … and when official documentation will be released in this case
  3. Using it in 3rd party tools (regardless of intended by twitch or not) violates any ToS/Developer Agreements.

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There are a lot of private endpoints that Twitch uses… I (and many others here) strongly advise against using undocumented endpoints bc they could be changed or removed at anytime (thus breaking your implementation) and come with zero support…

When twitch wants endpoints to be made available to third party developers, they are pretty good about letting us know…

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