Using Websockets EventSub w/ Windows Forms Application

I’m able to get the Console version of the Websockets Eventsub to work just fine but my application is a Windows Form Application (.Net 6) so I’d like to ideally have all my code in there instead of having it have to launch the console application separately and communicate between the two applications.

Is there any reason why it won’t work?

In my testing, it always just hangs on the connecting portion and doesn’t give me any details as to why. My application is using other libraries (SocketIOClient & SockJS.Net) to communicate via Websockets to other applications but neither works for the Twitch EventSub, nor does just putting the Console code in a dummy Forms Application.

Is the “console version of the websockets eventsub” referencing an example from GitHub etc.? If so, could you link it please? It might make it easier to diagnose the exact issue and get this resolved.

Yes, sorry, I should’ve specified this is from the TwitchLib Github repo:

Thank you!

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