/w, /color and the purpose of #jtv

While trying to implement commands in a chat bot, I realized that you need a channel for both whispers (/w) as well as to change your color (/color). As both of these have to be sent as a PRIVMSG, it seems that you have to specify a channel. However, both commands are obviously channel-independent.

I understand that, if a whisper has been initiated in a certain channel, we should use that channel - but sometimes, there just is no applicable channel. Same goes for the color command.

While searching through the posts here, I saw several people advising to use the #jtv channel for whispers. I tried the same for the color command and both works. However, I wonder if this is the correct way to do it and why we would use this specific channel instead of… well, any other channel, really?

I always send out via the channel that I primary operate in.

#jtv made sense back in the day, for historical reasons, but it really doesn’t matter.

Just use the channel that is the same as your bot name. (As there was a time when #jtv channel was broken and a lot of peoples whispering’s broke)

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I did not consider using the bot’s own channel. That’s actually a very nice idea, I’ll go with that. Thank you!

I’m still wondering where the #jtv recommendation is coming from? Someone randomly slammed his fingers on the keyboard and decided “this is the channel we’re all going to use for whispers”? Just curious. :slight_smile:

Twitch(tv) used to be called Justin(tv)

jtv is the bot that handles op status on IRC
jtv was originally the “channel” that whispers came from.

It’s just a history thing from the original implementation

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That makes a lot more sense. Which reminds me that the MODE messages still comes with the :jtv prefix, indicating that said bot is indeed still handling these.

Thank you for clarifying!

More that MODE has to come from “something” for IRC client compatability

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