Webhook validation failed without any request

Hello guys, I know that there’s already some topics about the webhook validation after an event sub subscription but I’d a strange problem. I subscribed to the stream.online event with Insomnia software with this body : { "type":"stream.online", "version":"1", "condition":{ "broadcaster_user_id":"440383088" }, "transport":{ "method":"webhook", "callback":"https://back.stanbyes.fr/twitchEventSub", "secret":"my_secret" } }.
The request returned a 202 status code with status as “webhook_callback_verification_pending”. For the backend, it’s an Express project behind a reverse proxy by Nginx and all apps are in docker.
I used Twitch-CLI with “event verify-subscription streamup” and the soft returned all lines as good. After some minutes, I used “api get /eventsub/subscriptions” to verify all subscriptions but the status is now “webhook_callback_verification_failed”.
The problem is here, when I checked the logs of Nginx or my Express project there’s no any request, the only request which appeared in log is from twitch-cli user agent.
My question is why twitch has turned status to failed without any validation request ?

I was going to go test your SSL configuration however SSLLabs won’t connect

And curl says the host back.stanbyes.fr doesn’t resolve.

So it would seem this Domain/URL is invalid

So seems the URL works on your machine but not from the rest of the internet.


Hello, thank’s for your reply, my machine is on the same host of my computer so maybe my DNS is not already propagated. I will test with an external computer and I’ll get back to you.

Yeah that’ll be the issue is that you machine knows where it is

But no one else does, hence Twitch can’t call it and you get no log entries.
And I can’t SSL test it/check it from here

For the SSL, I made it with certbot/Let’s Encrypt

Theres more to SSL than whom provides the certs.

SSLLabs lets you test the servers SSL configuration to check that is has a suitable configured cipher set and that the Cert is correctly installed.

I’m just tried with my phone mobile data in another computer and Insomnia succeeded to find the register behind the domain and emit request.

I made the register in my DNS Zone since only 17 hours so it’s possible that is not already propagate in all countries.

You have an AAAA record but not an A record


You only allow people to connect over IPv6
Twitch doesn’t speak IPv6, I don’t speak IPv6


I don’t know that ! I’ve an dynamic IP so I used only the IPV6 of my machine to register it in domains…
I’ll host my projet in my VPS with an IPV4 :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help !

This should be nice that Twitch can test the request on the two types of IP because there’s more than more restriction about IPV4 in France.

Well Twitch itself as a whole needs to work over IPv6 first, which it doesn’t.

Also it’s not a good idea to “home host” since if your IP changes, all your EventSubs die.

Home host you probably want to be using EventSub websockets instead

I’ll look the documentation about this transport method, thank you :slight_smile:

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